Seido-en Forest House on Salt Spring Island, BC

Guest Reviews

Our guests still express delight after 28 years

I have created more art here in 3 days than I have in months at home! Deeper than relaxing — subtle-exquisite-is-the Zen of Seido-en!

Kathy & Steve – Victoria, BC

All the small discoveries here — tiny flowers tucked into the stones of a path, deer startled at night under the moon, finding Quan Yin hidden away in the forest on my last night. What an amazing and beautiful paradise.

Brie MacDonald – Victoria, BC

Seido-en has been a chance to let go of all the busy-ness of our day to day lives. As we depart and head home, we take with us a feeling of groundedness, calm, joy and deep gratitude for the beauty of life.

Richard & Terry Ann – Victoria, BC

We loved sitting in the window seat enjoying coffee. The trees are amazing and I am always a big fan of an outdoor shower.

Christina & Tim

Thank you for sharing Seido-en and the magical forest — for the peace, calm and tranquility. We had no idea how much we needed the sanctity and rest.

Julie & Andrew

No interruptions, no visitors, no television. Seido-en has been a sanctuary; a retreat. We loved the hot tub, bamboos, heated floors, spices, books and art supplies! We have reconnected to what matters most.

Tara & Angus

At Seido-en I have been reminded to tread lightly in the company of the deer and the slugs.


Seido-en has been a wonderful place to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary and the most restful place we’ve ever stayed. Paradise.

Ada & Ralph

The comfort of a down duvet, the limitlessness of the universe viewed from the hot tub at night and in the background, red cedar and Douglas Fir that have been here for centuries.

John P

Seido-en Japanese Forest House is exquisite. We loved each moment, finding new details of delight and feeling the tranquility and ambience of nature around us — always.

Shan & Rick

It’s like coming home. Seido-en gives our souls the spiritual nourishment they desperately need. It is never enough time. We never want to leave.

Walt & Diane

Seido-en is everything one could wish for — exquisite, harmonious, serene, exciting and much more.


Walk the trails and get their glad tidings
Natures peace will flow into you
As sunshine flows into trees
The winds will blow their own freshness into you
And the storms their energy
While cares drop off like autumn leaves

John Muir